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Electronic Component Distributors specialise in the online distribution of electronic and electrical components to a global market. We have an ever expanding inventory and are focused on bringing the best customer service to internet buyers throughout the world.

Quickly search 1000’s of electronic components, Capacitors, Circuit Protection, Fasteners, Filters, Power Supplies, Resistors and Thermistors, Semiconductors, Thermal Management, Transducers and Sensors, Transformers and Inductors.
Our stock control system is “live” and new stock is being added all the time, so if you see it online it is available to ship immediately or on the shown manufactures lead-time.

We cater for the professional procurement personal and individual alike. If you are placing an order over £1000 feel free to contact our staff to get the best deals on your required components. For larger orders we can negotiate better prices…

We have thousands of stocked items on the shelf ready for delivery to any destination of your choice and can satisfy nearly all orders within 24 hours (provided in stock and ordered before midday). In addition to this we offer a vast extended range available on the manufactures lead times. Because we require minimum order quantities for our extended range we are able to offer the best prices to our customers and strive to be the most competitive on the market. If you can find “like for like” products anywhere for cheaper, let us know and we will do our best to beat the price.


Our shipping rates are as competitive as we can make them, both nationally and internationally and we are always looking at ways to bring these prices down for our customers.
Our website is constantly being updated and improved and we welcome all feedback from our customers. If you have any issues, ideas or requests then we are keen to hear from you.
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